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Terms of Service :

By using this website, you agree that you grant the right to record your IP address at all times. These measures are taken to guarantee the security of our customers, and to allow us to investigate cases of possible fraud. All information submitted during the signup process while checking out is kept secure and protected. We will never share your personal details with anyone. Please note, these details may be used in cases involving legal matters, such as fraud and theft.


  • Each attempt, in any way, to hack into the system will be logged automatically.
  • Hack attempts to the system will leads to termination of your advertisement.
  • We may or may not inform you that your advertisement was terminated.


  • Payments are accepted from Verified accounts only.
  • All purchases are non-refundable unless failure to provide service purchased.
  • Attempting to refund or charge back will lead to termination of your advertisement.


  • We accept any kind of advertisement except for pages that include but not limited to: Hidden Iframes (especially those who 'steal' CPU time from visitors), frame-breakers and sites that do not work in iframes (check here), have malicious code, have pop-ups, have adult, porn, genital enhancement, sex date etc. content or illegal content, and those that include any unethical content. Also, any advertisement that uses URL Rotator name for any unrelated services is not allowed. Your advertisement must load within 5 seconds and must be capable of supporting multiple visits per second.
  • Rotators are okay as long as all the URLs inside the rotator comply with our terms. This typically assumes that you are the owner of the rotator or at least you have access to control the URLs inside the rotator. Only personal/private/free rotators are accepted, no PTP. You must not have another rotator url in your rotator. If you have a special situation contact us! We are happy to run your rotator as long as we can verify what urls are rotated or you may consider to just use the 5 urls you can use per order. All urls placed into one order are rotated equally and work like a "rotator in the rotator".
  • No business rotators are accepted (anymore)!
  • Your site must run on traffic exchanges without interrupting them!
  • We reserve the right to deny any advertisement that do not fit the terms to be displayed.
  • Violating our terms, escpecially if you advertise a rotator or if you interrupt smooth traffic exchange, will result in advertising termination without refund!
  • Once your campaign is live, it cannot be paused or stopped.
  • You may request for an URL(s) change once in a 24 hour period but only if your slot has more than 24 hours left until expiration. (Use contact form on this site)
  • We do not provide compensation for force majeure. This includes the failure of the hosting provider which may result in lower traffic for our customers during the issues.
  • Advertisements are allowed to be viewed on mobile phones.
  • Contact us if you want to get your URL pre-approved before you order!

I do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and your slot went live.

Please contact us if you want to check your site with us before ordering!  (Use contact form on this site)

I recommend contacting me for assistance if you experience any issues with this site.

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact me.

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You may also contact me using the information below:

Business name: URL-ROTATOR.COM
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Physical address: Eschenstr. 47, 81547 München
E-mail address: urlrotatorcustomer at

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